Ben Grist

Early Life and Family Background

Ben Grist was born on April 5, 1996, in Portsmouth, England. When he was 14, his family moved to Poole, Dorset. Ben grew up in a close-knit family with his older sister, Hannah, older brother, Nathan, and younger brother, Daniel. Family played a significant role in shaping his early years, fostering values of love, support, and faith.

Education and Early Career

Ben’s academic journey began at the University of Southampton, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Mathematics. His dedication and hard work paid off when he graduated with a first-class degree. Although mathematics was his initial academic focus, Ben felt a deep calling towards ministry during his time at Southampton. This calling was confirmed through various prophetic words and visions, which guided his path towards theology.

In 2020, Ben embarked on a new chapter of his academic life at the University of Oxford, where he studied Theology and Religion at Wycliffe Hall. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a 2:1 classification. During his time at Oxford, Ben delved deeply into Biblical studies, learning Ancient Greek and Hebrew to better understand and translate ancient texts. His studies at Oxford were transformative, further fueling his passion for ministry and Biblical scholarship.

Spiritual Journey and Calling

Ben’s journey into ministry was marked by profound spiritual experiences and confirmations. While studying at Southampton, he began to sense a strong calling from God to pursue full-time ministry. This calling was affirmed through prophetic words and pictures, leading Ben to dedicate his life to serving God and His people.

His time at Oxford played a pivotal role in shaping his spiritual journey. At Wycliffe Hall, Ben was inspired by the theologians and scholars he encountered, deepening his understanding of the Bible and its teachings. These experiences laid a solid foundation for his future ministry, equipping him with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve effectively.

Ministerial Training and Overseas Missions

During his ministerial training, Ben had the opportunity to participate in several overseas missions. He traveled to Kenya and the Philippines, where he provided aid and preached the Gospel. These missions were eye-opening and deeply impactful, allowing Ben to witness the transformative power of faith and compassion in communities facing significant challenges.

In Kenya, Ben contributed to building hospitals and providing food for those in need. In the Philippines, he offered comfort and support through his preaching, helping to strengthen and encourage local communities. These experiences reinforced Ben’s belief in the importance of practical service and evangelism, principles that continue to guide his ministry.

Family and Personal Life

Ben met his wife, Hannah Grist, at St Aldates Church in Oxford, where they were both actively involved. Hannah’s pastoral nature and deep faith have been a source of strength and support for Ben. Together, they form a dynamic ministry team, committed to serving God and His people.

In July 2023, Ben and Hannah moved to Goole, where Ben was ordained as a Curate at St John’s Church. The couple’s excitement about their new ministry is palpable, as they look forward to sharing their love for people and their faith with the Goole community. Ben’s approach to ministry is inclusive, aiming to reach individuals regardless of age, financial status, or ethnicity.

Current Role and Future Aspirations

Ben was priested on June 29, 2024, while serving as a curate at St John’s Church in Goole. As a priest, Ben is committed to fostering a vibrant and supportive community within the church. His vision includes expanding outreach programs, deepening parishioners’ understanding of the Bible, and promoting inclusivity.

Ben’s approach to ministry embraces both traditional and digital methods. While he values face-to-face interactions, he also recognizes the importance of digital outreach. His YouTube channel serves as a platform for sharing Biblical teachings, Christian living advice, and theological insights with a broader audience. Ben’s ability to engage with people through videos and live streams complements his in-person ministry, ensuring that his message reaches those who may not be able to attend church physically.

Other Interests and Activities

Outside of his ministry work, Ben enjoys a range of hobbies and interests. He is passionate about music, often incorporating it into his worship services. Ben also has a keen interest in history, particularly ancient civilizations and Biblical archaeology. These interests not only enrich his personal life but also enhance his ministry by providing additional depth and context to his teachings.

Reflections and Philosophy

Ben’s faith has evolved significantly over the years, shaped by his academic pursuits, spiritual experiences, and personal reflections. He is guided by key principles such as compassion, inclusivity, and the transformative power of God’s Word. Ben believes in the importance of practical service, seeing it as a tangible expression of God’s love.


Reverend Ben Grist’s journey from Portsmouth to Poole, from mathematics to theology, and from local to global outreach is a testament to his dedication and passion for serving others through faith. As he and Hannah settle into their roles at St John’s Church in Goole, the community can look forward to a ministry rooted in compassion, inclusivity, and a deep love for God’s Word. Ben’s story is one of transformation and dedication, inspiring others to pursue their own callings with faith and determination.

For more about Reverend Ben Grist and his work, visit Ben Grist’s Official Website.