The Grists of Hampshire

Ben Grist

The Reverend Benjamin Thaddaeus Levi Grist

Ben Grist, born on April 5, 1996, in Portsmouth, is a dedicated and passionate young priest currently serving as a curate at St John’s Church in Goole. With a degree in Mathematics from the University of Southampton and a degree in Theology and Religion from the University of Oxford, Ben combines intellectual rigor with a deep commitment to his faith. He has worked extensively in ministry, including teaching and providing aid overseas. Ben is actively involved in the community, offering pastoral care and innovative digital outreach, alongside his wife, Hannah Grist.

Hannah Grist

Mrs Hannah Grace Grist (Née Long)

Hannah Grist, born December 16, 1994, in Chichester, is an accomplished and dedicated figure in the community. With a degree in Film Studies from Oxford Brookes University and qualifications in Music Theatre, Singing, and Ballet, she brings a rich blend of talents to her roles. Hannah has worked extensively in ministry, including an internship at St Aldate’s Church and her current position as the Ministry Experience Scheme Coordinator for the Diocese of Sheffield. She also teaches Music Theatre and leads worship at St John’s Church in Goole.

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